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Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday (already???) (a parenthetical post)

This weekend I got so much done. The house is clean (still!!), I have made huge progress on the Giant Secret Project (only 560 inches of hand sewing to go!), I cut out 15 pairs of felt stockings (palm sized, not full sized), and I read (or at least scanned) EVERY SINGLE Google Reader item. That's right, when I went to bed last night I had ZERO posts in my Reader. At this moment (8:21 am and yes, I am at work) I have 90.

So, high on my success, I have decided to do The Week Ahead, as created by SheIsTooFondofBooks (wow that is hard to type without spaces.)

Monday- Run to the store at lunch for red felt and cat litter. (SO exciting!) Tonight, cut red felt stockings and white trim. Read at least two chapters (current main books are Lady of Quality by Heyer, and Complications by Gawande, both excellent).

Tuesday-Find stockings (real ones) so that I can make a template to make the Bug's. (Very important that everyone has the same size stocking! More on this December 3). Read at least two chapters. Cut circles for jewelry bags. Figure out how to put numbers on the stockings (any suggestions, internets? I don't fancy cutting out numbers from felt and sewing them on.)

Wednesday-TBR Day (and for once, the book has been completed days in advance) Read at least two chapters. Sew jewelry bags. Ponder fabric choices for commissioned crayon rolls (anyone else needs some crayon rolls made?) Consider using stash, not buying.

Thursday-Freak out because Thanksgiving is a week away and we do not have a turkey. Buy turkey. Assemble advent calendar from felt stockings (by now one of you brilliant people will have figured out the number problem). Read at least two chapters. Look for lost journal (I mean, temporarily missing journal.)

Friday- Celebrate because it is Friday! First full week in three weeks, it's gonna be a tough one (snow day two weeks ago, holiday last week) Read at least two chapters (by now I gotta be close to finishing the Heyer.) Get annoyed at all the parenthesis.

Hey! Google Reader is up to 94 now! (Go back and add "read Reader" to every day.)

So, what's your week looking like?


  1. I don't know how you're going to get numbers on the stockings without cutting them out and sewing them on.

    I thought about iron-on numbers, but that won't work with felt.


  2. Good luck with your advent calendar. I bought our turkey yesterday, but I haven't planned the rest of our menu yet.

  3. I envy you crafty folks :)

    I ended up not going to work. I did not feel like dealing with fire traffic so I got my turkey instead! I had to get the butcher to fish out a large turkey. All they had were little turkeys.

    I still have stuff to buy but the bulk is done. I need to clear out my reader too but I have to read an actual book now.

  4. I have no idea what's going to happen this week. We were supposed to drive up (6 hour drive) to my sister in law's for my nephew's 1st birthday, but he has conjunctivitis and I don't want either of my boys to get it. We were going to have a Wednesday-Sunday visit and now it's all up in the air!

  5. Doesn't Tulip make "puffy paint" that you can use? They come in bottles about 5 inches tall, with pointed tips for application. All kinds of colors, sparkly, etc. They have them around here at Michael's, but any of the usual suspects (JoAnn's, A.C. Moore) probably have something similar.

    Good luck with all your projects!

    (and thanks for planning The Week Ahead!)

  6. I've been having problems creating my link, but I've left you something here. Can't believe Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away!!

  7. Hmmm I am not sure how to get the numbers on the stockings. You know my level of craftiness is not high. I am liking the Week Ahead. It really seems like a cool planning tool.

    We are again at the week before a holiday and have no firm plans for them. My husband and I are planners, but our parents are not. So, we will go somewhere at sometime and eat turkey. Probably more than once.

  8. Geez I'm behind on my blogging! I love parentheses as well--and sometimes add parenthetical notes inside already parenthesized notes! Ellipses are a lot of fun, too.(...)


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