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Friday, July 27, 2012

More Lego, Morning Coffee, Prairie Bitch

New Lego sets!

  • A good friend of mine sent the boys a very large box of hand-me-down LEGO. We have a million Lego already, but the Pirate was so thrilled. He stood at the dining room table and played for something like 8 hours. (New sets are allowed at the dining room table so that they don't get mixed in with the old stuff on the Lego table that I made.) The Bug played too, but not with the same dedication.
  • I have hauled myself out of bed before the kids the last couple days to enjoy some time to myself. It's not hard to get up before the Pirate, but it's near impossible to get up without the Bug.
  • I am excited about Opening Ceremonies tonight but have not allowed myself to read anything about them in advance.
  • I did a bit of sewing this week, sending out one new banner and whipping up some more e-reader cases. They're all in a cute little basket, waiting new homes.
  • We are taking a couple short overnight vacations in the next week. I've written a couple posts to go up automatically in case I don't get online much.
  • Oh look, the Bug is up now. I've barely started drinking my coffee.
  • Hey! and now the Princess is up too. Thank you, Bug. ("But it's MORNING!")

What I Read This Week:


  1. Vance was always a good sleeper so I could get up before him. I know what a treasure those quiet moments can be.

  2. Eight hours? The Pirate plays with LEGOS like Mini-me used to. Makes them such easy kids to take care of, doesn't it? Too bad they don't all have that kind of attention span!

  3. Love Lego toys. We saw an amazing display at the Denver History Museum of Lego building...Lego-orado. I want to read Dinner; A Love Story also. I'll have to check the library.

    Love the e-reader covers at your store!

  4. Well, at least The Pirate is easily amused! I used to love playing with legos for hours on end too.

  5. My mom is still drooling over her Nook cover. Love love love.


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